Wednesday, April 18, 2012

15 Days

We leave for Ethiopia in 15 days.  I would be lying if I told you that I was overwhelmed.  I am flipping my schedule again from nights to days...thus I got off at 4am and am still sitting up.  I have this crazy list of things I know I need to get done before leaving between working a few crazy ED shifts (hint: if you are not sick, don't come to the Kosair ED these two weeks.... okay, I am joking.... kind of)  and living life!

I can not even articulate my excitment for the trip.  I was unable to go with JT when he traveled in July 2010 to bring home Tedi.  I was heartbroken but was starting a new job as a resident physician and really could not do so.  So to go to Ethiopia, to meet my new son, to see the country, to serve medically, to love on little kids, and travel throughout the country....I am so very excited. 

In great news, yesterday (I think, since my days are running together) our friends Vince and Kelli Monks and Sarah Elliott went to meet our son.  They are in country picking up their children and took the time to see him, take pictures, and text us about him.  He is so so precious.  He has five or six spots of molluscum but is otherwise fabulous.  They said he is happy and loves to tall and thin....walked around holding their hands.  My heart can rest easily for a few more days.  I can not wait for Friday when we welcome these families home at the airport!  Always such a great experience!

Well, stay tuned.  I am on days now so I promise more updates, posts, and news.  Again, please email me with questions about adoption, HIV adoption, older kid adoption, or really whatever!

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  1. You all will stay in our prayers. Have a great safe trip, and we expect to have a nice long post detailing your adventure when you get back. God bless!!!