Monday, January 2, 2012


"Making resolutions is a cleansing ritual of self assessment and repentance that demands personal honesty and ultimately reinforces humility." -Eric Zorn

Yep, I make them every year.  Don't you...even in your head if you don't talk about them, blog them, facebook them.  They are there if you are honest with yourself.  Even if you don't want to admit, you think of ways to better yourself each new year. 

So what will I dare do this year... How will I better myself (or at least try) during 2012... I have failed year in and year out but it is always fun to look back and see what I thought I could do, what I actually did, and such.... This year's are going to be broad rather than finite and narrow, at least making me feel I can make some progress....make a dent

So, here ya go (judge if you must)

1) Be a better mom: more wrestling, more reading, more playing.... I might try to be a little less strict though I doubt it.  More Bible reading, more sports (this year will start little league if he's interested) I need to do more reading about being a mom...though we will see how that fits in... the more playing and wrestling seem to take precedent over reading these days. 

2) Be a better wife: I hope to make at least one day or night each month, regardless of my work schedule, to have a date with husband....good food, lace bra and all.  Also, I plan to be slower to speak....sometimes I speak too quickly....Yep, I do.  Sometimes this incites issues... Just saying..  I am going to work on this.  Number 3 goes with number because when I am happier with myself, I am more pleasant and enjoyable to be around (Go ahead 1997 and say it ..... "duh")

3) Lose Weight:  There you go.. I know you were waiting for it.  I still want to lose fifty pounds this year as I talked about in October.  I want to be healthy.. not just thin.  There is so much wrapped up in the this that I will not go into this.

4) Read my Bible more.  As simple as it seems, I am not always good at this.  I am honest enough to not fake it or pretend I do.  I want to be a good Christian wife, mother, friend, doctor but I slip and am willing to admit it.

5) Build others up:  I think I am a good person most of the time but I need to be better.  Not just friends, but people I don't really want to talk to ...I need to build them up as well.  This may seem basic but spans so many facets of my life. (your life too)

6) Cook More (thus eat out less)... a problem because A) I don't like cooking much B) I am not great at cooking (which may be the reason I do not like it) C) I love eating out with friends  D) I love ethnic food which I definitely can not cook.  This is healthier, for my waistline and wallet so it makes the short list.

7) Take care of myself more.... in addition to losing weight, I want to be kinder to myself... get a pedicure occasionally.  Buy Shampoo I like every now and then, STOP BITING MY NAILS..  I can save money in a lot of places but I need to treat myself well every now and then... (again, so broad but so important)

Okay, I believe that is all.  I will need to remind myself of these occasionally...  What are your resolutions?

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