Monday, January 2, 2012

2011: A Year in Review

2011 was a good and bad year....  The year started with our cousins losing their son at only seven days old.  This was followed by the deaths of JT's sweet little mamaw, my step grandmother, and my best friend of sixteen years' father.  Despite the losses, it was also year of watching Tedi continuing to grow, choosing a career path, JT getting a promotion, and starting our second adoption.  We are so very blessed.  Enjoy the pictures!


We celebrated Ethiopian Christmas with Zoe Brown (who now has three brothers) as well as Gracie, Avery, and Dawit Armstrong at Queen of Sheba.

Our first big snow 

This was a busy busy month with my vacation at work, birthday and other fun stuff!

We took a trip with my dad and his family to Gatlinburg, TN.  Tedi loves his Granpa Kevin!

Once we got back, we drove to Indianapolis with our best friends, The Fox Family, where Tedi endured the Barbie exhibit and loved swimming.

 JT even bathed and diapered Vivian.... that was an adventure
 I turned 28... and enjoyed some sushi


We visited with the Gibsons at their home.... the cute red head is also a Natalie

 Isn't he cute?

This was also a busy month with Easter, retreats and such.... and my husband thought he should make the national news with Barack Obama...

 My Intern Retreat with work.
 Dipping Easter Eggs
 Rocking Adoption Shirts at Easter

We both worked a lot but were able to celebrate with our good friends, Jacqueline and Chris, on their wedding day.

We said good bye to our dear friend at work, Shivani (in the middle) who moved to Augusta.

 We also visited with Daddy's mentor, Coach Meyer
We took a little road trip to see my family...

Swimming with Granny Sylvia and Harv

.....and visiting at Granpa Kevin's boat

We also celebrated ONE YEAR HOME!!!!!

We celebrated our 8th Anniversary and finally welcomed home the Brown brothers.  Here we are at the zoo. 

We celebrated Ethiopian New Year with the Hardman's and their daughter, Claire.

 ALSO.... Tedi became a US CITIZEN!!!!!

 ....and played in a soccer league
Our first family trip to the beach and a Spider man Halloween...

Tedi's 5th Birthday, Snow Ball After Party and Thanksgiving made for another busy month....

Merry, Merry Christmas...... school programs, work parties and more!

What a great year!  We are so very blessed..... Maybe next year we will be able to post a picture of a 4th Henderson!

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