Monday, December 12, 2011


Throughout our adoption journeys (both with Tedi's adoption and this one), we have been blessed with shocking gifts.... small gifts with big heart....big gifts.... people giving of themselves when they do not have to.  However, I have experienced two instances in the last week where giving was not expected and the giver wanted nothing in return....even a thank you was too much because "that is what they were SUPPOSED to do"

1) I have a friend who is adopting.  Her family has had great blessings with their fundraising all at once.  She felt that they needed to "give back" from what they were given and she chose us.  I was floored and humbled.  That very day I was texting and calling my two close friends telling them I was down and feeling quite inadequate..  They told me to snap out of it...tough love style but it was this family's love and example in action that reminded me of how truly blessed I is our family

2)  We had my class of residents over this weekend for a Secret Santa/Christmas Party... I love the people I work with and so does Tedi and JT.  We all brought lots of food and drinks and exchanged gifts, all of which was always.  After giving gifts, Abby handed JT a card for us.  I thought it was a thank you note for hosting...also not knowing and being uncomfortable when someone does something overtly nice for me, I walked into the dining room.  JT read it aloud... Basically, it said that my resident friends had pulled together and saved over $800 that they wanted to give us for our adoption.  I was so shocked.  I am not a cryer....I tend to internalize.  I just froze....both in awe and shock.  I can still not articulate my gratitude and surprise.  These are people who know me, but are not necessarily familiar with adoption.... and maybe that is why it meant so was just "what you do". 

These two instances have been real "pick me up" in what has been a trying month or so with family, friends, adoption and such.  We are so blessed to have great people surrounding us. 

"Blessed are those who give without remembering. And blessed are those who take without forgetting." ~Meltzer
 (I desire to embody this and be this and surround myself with those that do as well)

Pictures from the Party

 Heetan holding little Cady for the first time
 Erica and Mitali with Cady

 Heather and Adam... not their baby but we all think they need one

Yes, that is a Victoria's Secret gift bag....

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