Sunday, December 18, 2011

Elf of a Shelf: More of Clark and Eddie

A few posts ago I introduced everyone to Clark and Eddie, our elves.  We continue to celebrate the Christmas season with our elves.  Some nights they are good...some they are bad.  I am not an "elf over-achiever". As much as I LOVE the online images of elves making snow angels, I can't think about the clean up.  Two nights ago, Clark and Eddie were even "too tired" to fly back the North Pole.... Yep, we tired.  Nevertheless, this is a tradition that our family is enjoying.

I have read the blogs, facebook posts and such about celebrating Christmas with Jesus only or Jesus and Saint Nicholas or nothing secular or everything....  While I understand all perspectives and arguments for each, I think we should all be careful not pass judgement about how one family may or may not celebrate a holiday.  Every child, ever family is in a different place... In our family, we do all of it.  We do Santa, we do Elf on a Shelf, We do presents and parties and celebrating with friends.  But if you ask my son, home from Ethiopia for 18 months, why we celebrate Christmas, you will still hear "It's Jesus Birthday."  We will leave Santa and his reindeer cookies and milk and carrots.  We will make Jesus a Birthday cake.  But it's up you...what parenting style you employ to get your kids to be functional, loving, good adults and parents in the future....

Enjoy Eddie and Clark's latest adventures:

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