Monday, December 12, 2011

Adventures of Clark and Eddie

We have bought in to the Elf of a Shelf craze.... last year my good friend Lindsey sent one to Tedi.  He and JT named it Eddie, after the movie National Lampoon's Christmas vacation.  This year, they started making black elves so we decided that Tedi (and his future sibling) needed this elf as well.....which of course is named Clark.  Eddie is the "bad" elf and often gets in trouble while Clark innocently looks on!  Tedi is having a blast with this.  Enjoy some of their adventures!

 Before Clark came to live with us.....feeding the reindeer Pringles

 Eddie breaking the rules and playing cars on the table

 Playing with Daddy's razor and toothbrush

 Sleeping in Tedi's bed when Tedi was gone

 Playing with Tedi's new Slinky Dog from Toy Story

Toilet Papering the tree

playing on the bookshelf

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