Thursday, October 6, 2011

Up and Coming....

So here is what you have to look forward to (or maybe we have to look forward to and you get to read about)...

1) T-SHIRTS:  I will be picking up our first order of T-Shirts tomorrow.... I am so excited.  Yes, we must spend money to make money in this fundraising game....however, we are so excited to see these!  So for you 95 peeps who have already ordered, they are coming and you can pay via paypal here on the blog or by check!  I will be taking a second order after we get back from vacation.... see #2

2) VACATION:  Since I started residency in July 2010, we have not really taken a vacation.  Thankfully, my program gives us four weeks each year of vacation.  Yes, I know that seems like a lot.  However, after working 60-80 hours each week (and sometimes people die), the break is much needed.  The first two weeks I had off were last August...they were spent getting to know our son.  The next was in February....not much to do then.  We were elated when my Aunt Pam offered her beach house to us.  Yes, we are blessed.  Her home is three bedrooms and three bathrooms on Fripp Island, South Carolina (near Hilton Head).  We are responsible for our food and gas (which I did a moonlighting shift in July to pay for) and her cleaning lady.  I can not tell you how excited we are.  JT and I are like two kids ready for Disney, but we are ready for sleep and a drop of wine and sleep and the sound of the ocean.  Tedi keeps saying he is going to bury his daddy with sand.  I have DO NOT know where he got that idea.  So in the middle of this second adoption, my aunt and uncle's gift is so very valuable to us....for family time and bonding AND mental health.

3) ORPHAN SUNDAY: Yes, it is coming!  November 6th.  Actually, November is Adoption/Orphan Awareness Month.  I am trying to plan something cool for it....Stay tuned

4) GIVEAWAY/RAFFLE:  You are going to be itching to get your hands on this....  a little 147, project hopeful, adoption art, tshirts.... you are going to want this... Stay Tuned.  It will be the kick off to Adoption Month!

5) Dad's Birthday:  My turned 60 on 10/5/2011.  We surprised him by showing up for his dinner.  Tedi adores my dad, as do I, and hated leaving.... I thougth I would share a few cute pics of the evening (as well as just some cute ones in general)  Enjoy!

With Dad!!!

And some silly fun with the iPhone camera off to bed. trying to make my body be ready for two night shifts this weekend and then return to days on Sunday....not easy but mandatory. 

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