Friday, October 7, 2011


I am excited to announce that our first batch of t-shirts has arrived.  I am off today (which is a false sense of joy since I must work 8pm-9am tonight and tomorrow night and skip normal life) so I drove out to pick up our shirts from Sixth Street Print House in Shelbyville.  I spent the rest of my morning rolling each shirt and tying them with fabric strips (thanks for the idea Lindsy Wallace) and then the afternoon sorting and such.  Well, I realized 150 shirts are a lot.  Now, if you live in Louisville, we need to set a meeting time to get your shirt to you.  I have them divided out and ready to go. 

If you have not paid, you can click on the paypal button to the right or email me at for our address to send a check. 

Note:  The "dark purple" is actually more blue, as you can see.  If this is horrible for you and you want another color, let me know.  There is also a 3-4 day delay on the youth sizes and adult S/M in the gray, though should not affect anyone. 

Lastly, if you missed this order and want a shirt, we will be placing second order at the end of October so email me, facebook me, comment.... whatever works

$15 each (Youth XS-Adult 4X)
Gray, White, Blue

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