Friday, October 21, 2011

T-Shirts: Orphan Sunday Challenge

My friend, Emily, issued a challenge about adoption t-shirts back at Easter time...  I am going to challenge you again.  Orphan Sunday is NOVEMBER 6, 2011.   Put away your slacks....your blouses....your cardigans.....your sports team shirts.... Pull out an adoption shirt.  If you want to purchase one of ours, we would love the support.  If not, choose any adopting family with a shirt, any organization that supports adoption and REP there shirt on Nov 6. 

Maybe you go to a church that will not emphasize Orphan Sunday.  Well, here is your chance to put the idea in their hearts that serving orphans and the "least of these" really is "church". 

So if you want one of our shirts... or your entire church does....well, email me ... if you don't like our shirts, then email me still and I will direct you to other families or causes in the adoption world. 

November 6.... Don't Forget!

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