Thursday, October 20, 2011

50 in 50

So I have been struggling immensely for awhile with my weight and body image but it has been magnified lately.  This is my weakest point, the place where I feel the most inadequate.  I realize that much of this is that our Western culture puts so much value on appearance.  However, as a doctor, a mother, a wife, and an advocate for orphans, how can I be okay with my "fattness"?  How can I tell my patients to lose weight if I cannot?  How can I talk about starving children when I am gluttonous?  Even more than this, I must learn to love myself as Christ loves me.  He loves me fat or thin but at the same time He gave me one body and I am ruining it...

Here is my plan.  I am posting it here publicly more for accountability than anything else.

50 pounds in 50 weeks
*if it happens faster, then great....but this is reasonable, slow, and allows for failures and bad days.  So by the beginning of October 2012, I would like to weigh at least fifty pounds less.

Exercise at least three times per week
*I often use the 60-80 hour work weeks (yes, this is really what I work many weeks) and I have a kid EXCUSES but I can no longer make these excuses.... The motto of a book I just read, How Lucky Can You Be, was "Don't Whine, Don't Complain, Don't Make Excuses".... no more excuses.

6 Glasses of Water each day
*I love diet coke. I love carbonated beverages in general.  It would be unrealistic of me to say "NO MORE SODA or COFFEE". I would surely fail.  But I can get my water in to balance this....

Fast Weekly:
*When we were in the process of adopting Tedi, we fasted from food from after dinner on Tuesday until dinner on Wednesday.  It was not fancy; it was not taxing but it was a lesson.  I am going to restart this, both to help me focus on my diet, the reason for doing it and remind me of the abundance I have, but to also refocus me on our remind me of children and people who have little when I am gluttonous, even on a diet.  I will not complain or boast in this fast... simply take liquids and gum from Tuesday after dinner till Wednesday night... that is only breakfast and lunch (and the incessant snacking)  What do you think?

Post Monthly Progress
*I likely won't share my weight.  That is a little TOO vulnerable even for the ever honest me.... However, I will tell you if I am down or up and where I stand.  But it will only be monthly.  I hate when all someone talks about on facebook is the gym or their diet...

Run a 5K in 6 months
*My friend Erica promised to do this with me.... cause I loathe running but it is a good goal.

*I believe rewards help us meet our goals.  As I thought about this, I kept thinking....what should I do for each milestone... A new pair of nice jeans, a massage, a purse, a Sephora trip, or some other indulgance that I love.... But after reading How Lucky Can You Be, Red Letters, Crazy Love and Kisses from Katie in the last 7 days, I can't quite stomach any of that... So I am still trying to come up with something useful, something celebratory to give back to others.... maybe donate my old clothes to a worthy cause or the amount of weight I have lost in groceries to another family... or something.  Any ideas?

*I would love if anyone interested wants to join me.  My email is if you want to join or have questions or suggestions and encouragement!

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