Wednesday, September 7, 2011


As a disclaimer, I do not feel required to answer to people or explain our decisions.....However, I think it is helpful to others going through or considering adoption.....and just being nosy :-)  You never know who you may convert to adoption...

.......adopt again?

We want to grow our family.  We are called as Christians to care for the "least of these" and we feel specifically called to adopt.  It was never a doubt that we would adopt was just when.

Well, with me in residency through June 2013 (and fellowship from 07/2013 to 06/2016), no time is ever going to be a good time, until I guess July 2016...but then I have a "real" job.  So, really, is there a good time?  Is there a good time to get married, to go back to school, to get pregnant, TO DIE?  There is never a "good" time for anything.  This is I know.  However, having lost seven dear family members to death in the last 11 months has made the brevity of life very palpable.  I do not know if I will ever have a "right time" or tomorrow.  Will I be more tired....Yes.  Will I be stretched.....Yes.  Will I be able to deeply love and be loved..... Yes.  So now is the time for us....we only get back what we are willing to give, if we only take the time to give it.

...... NOT our "own"?

Well, I have answered this before, BUT our adopted child(ren) are OURS.  When you hear my son say, "Hey my mommy..." there is no doubt that he is OUR son.  However, why not biological kids?  Much of the time Tedi has been home has been sans birth control...  Yet, I am okay with the absence of pregnancy in our world.  At times, it will creep into my heart and I will get bitter.... Then, I get in check and hear Tedi's footsteps or sweet voice and know God's plan for our family is not that of typical.  Will we ever "try" again.... Maybe.  Will I be less of a mother?  No.  Will I live unfulfilled? No. 

......adopt from Ethiopia again?

I could simply say, "Why not?"  That is true, for sure, but not entirely.  When we originally began Tedi's adoption in 2009, our USCIS (US government paperwork), form was written for two children, either sex, aged 0-5.  Since we only brought home one child, the paperwork is still good for an extension for a second child less than 5 years old.... So that definitely played a part in our decision to return to Ethiopia, but we also sincerely love this country, it's people and the culture. 

.....our agency?

The agency we used for Tedi was Arise for Children.  At the time they were partnered with Hope, another agency, who was technically Tedi's "placing agency".  Arise went through several changes and was bought by Lifeline Adoptions.  Because the two ladies, Britney and Lesley, who worked for Arise stayed on with Lifeline, we decided to stick with them.  Lifeline is a very well established agency in China and other countries.  That in combination with knowing Britney and Lesley confirmed our decision to use Lifeline. 

So, really...... WHY?
This is why we do it.... this is why we take the harsh words, the doubting, the waiting, the heartache, the joy.

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  1. Great post, Natalie! I can't wait to follow along!