Thursday, September 8, 2011

Race: Our First Conversation

JT: Is Sam your new friend?
Tedi: Yes, Daddy.
JT:  What does he look like?
Tedi:  He is white.  I am brown.
JT: What color is his hair?
Tedi: White like yours daddy.  Mine is black. 
JT: Yeah.
Tedi: Okay, when can I play my new game?

It was as simple as that.  Someone told me recently that kids will get you in the car when you aren't expecting it...and they were spot on.  We were driving home tonight and that was our conversation, the first one on race.  I know two weeks ago in school they talked about what makes each person different....maybe skin and hair came up.. I am not sure.  But as quickly as the thought was in his mind, he was onto something else.  At least we know he realizes the difference....But the beauty is the fact that it (race) really does not matter to him... Sam is his buddy.  Simply his friend. 

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