Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Domestic.... I am not.  Artsy would not describe me....  Yet in my lack of home-making, domestic, womanly attributes, I did love art class growing up.  So when my friend Emily proposed the new and improved ornaments for our second adoption (see below post or our Etsy Store), I did not know what mod podge or decopauge or scrapbook paper really was or where to find it in Hobby Lobby.  Well, after creating the ornaments on Monday, I thought, "Hey, why did I doubt myself?  I can try a little more creative stuff."  So, fast forward to today.  I went back to Hobby Lobby (with Tedi, not the best parenting move) to get ribbon for the ornaments (cool options BTW).  I decided since the 2 packs of canvas were on sale that I would try my hand at this crafting thing.  Below are my results.  Not perfect at all, I will be the first to admit it for sure.  You can even see the wrinkles in the second canvas (the first one is busy enough to cover them up pretty well) .... BUT they do look pretty good for a first try.  Other people are much better at this but it was self gratifying to know I could this.  My next project is do a partner for the "adopted" canvas, but for adopted to be written in Amharic.....  I would sell these with the ornaments but I am not sure my skill is worth it

A gift for someone with Tedi's handprints

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