Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Adoptive Family & Blogger Ornament Special

For any of you adoptive families or bloggers out there, I want to offer a deal for you.  If you post our ornament pictures with a blurb on your blog and/or facebook, we will waive the shipping costs for your ornaments.  If you order >5 ornaments, I will decrease the cost to $4 and not charge shipping.  Just comment on this post or email nataliehenderson21@yahoo.com to let me know you posted the pics and a blurb about the ornaments.  If you want any personalization on the back side, that is possible with $1 added and a little bit of time.  You can choose red or gold ribbon as well.  Thanks in advance for the support!

5"x4" Wood Rectangle Ornaments (1/8" thick) with decopauged logo

$5 each (+shipping)
Payment can be paid by check or through PayPal at the right side bar


 Front of Ornament

Back of Ornament

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