Thursday, May 26, 2011

Living Local....

.....or at least eating that way.  My love for local restaurants is not a secret.  Lately, I have been trying to visit local places... They are always so much more interesting, fun and you are giving back... I would rather give to a family biz than Wendy's or such  (not that I don't ever eat Wendy's but you get my point..) So below are a few of the restaurants we have enjoyed recently!!  Check them out if you are in Louisville...if not, then visit

Safier Mediterranean Deli
My med student Ashley suggested we get takeout from Safier over the weekend.  (we get take out on call....coping mechanism though normally unhealthy...not this time)   I had the chicken shawarma with a salad, a pita and garlic Greek yogurt for $6.99.  It was so great.  JT and I love Mediterranean food and this was a great find.  I did not actually visit the restaurant because I was stuck in the hospital but the food was excellent.  I highly recommend it...and my students said the staff was welcoming very great!  And the carryout wait time was only 30 minutes for eight orders...not bad!

Toast on Market
A Louisville favorite!  I first ate here with my best friend Sarah last year after finding out I matched at the University of Louisville for residency.  Since then, I have fallen in love.  On the weekends, it can be a two hours wait.  They have even opened a second location in New Albany, Indiana.... I had the lemon souffle pancakes with hash brown casserole, fabulous....                                                                           

The New Albanian Brewing Company
JT and I went on a date this past Friday to a new place....Again, they have two locations, both in NewAlbany, Indiana, just over the river from Louisville. One location is a pizza joint with a brewery while the one we went to was more of a "real" food type of place. Both the small plates and large plates menu looked great.... we had the fries served with seven dipping sauces.... YES you read correctly...SEVEN.... along with the goat cheese salad and wings, we were set.  I can not wait to go back and try one of the large plates....for instance, the night we were there, seared chicken with curry risotto... I mean, sounds amazing, huh?  Definitely check this out... plus they have a great beer selection!

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