Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy 10 Months Home!

Top 10 Tedi-isms
(in honor of 10 months home):

1)  when he says "You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'"
2) he will do it in "a lil WHILLLE" (lil while said like southern black lady from the bayou)
3) "what are you doing" said with an Indian accent
4) listening to him sing God Bless America while doing the hand motions
5) "I need a happy Neal" (ie, happy meal)
6) "That's my Jesus" (pointing to church)
7) "you be Buzz, I be Woody, you be Corkchot (porkchop the pig), you be Jessie" to whomever is here
8) "I need you in my bed" meaning I want you to lay down and cuddle with me
9) "I no like it" while shaking a finger...at cheese, ice cream or whatever he does not like.
10) "Mommy broke it.  Daddy and Tedi fix it".....this started in September but continues with ANYTHING that does not work in our house.... I am a bit annoyed but everyone else enjoys it.

and a great quote:
Me to my friends, "Watch me cross this street.  I lived in New York City."
Tedi, unprompted, "I lived in Ethiopia."

 Hanging out with his best buddy, his Daddy
Tedi doing the "Doron Lamb"
(since we are always told they look alike)

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  1. We need to get Buzz, Woody, and Jesse together again soon!!