Sunday, March 6, 2011

Top 5

Natalie is on call today/tonight at the hospital.  She went in at 6am Sunday morning and will get off at noon Monday.  In her absence, I wanted to fill in on the blog.

In Natalie's honor, I give you the Top 5 Reasons I Love My Wife...

5. She is great at her job.  My wife is a great physician.  She works harder that anyone I have ever met and does a great job of balancing her career and family life.  She is an inspiration to every woman who aspires to be great at home and in the workplace. 

4.  She loves bad TV as much as I do.  Not many women can seemlessly go from watching a basketball game to a sitcom to an MTV reality shwo and stay enagaged.  I love her very much for this.

3.  She chooses to be happy.  In the midst of our inability to concieve, Natalie never stayed down too long.  Instead, we view that time as God setting the table to turn our attention toward orphan care.  This would not have happened if we were able to have biological children.  I love the fact that Natalie has never let our lack of ability to have a biological child define us.

2.  She chooses to love me.  Even in my ugliest and messiest (figuratively- I am a neat freak) moments, she is there to support me.  I never have to wonder about her intentions and loyalties.  We truly have a blessed marriage!

1.  She loves Jesus and is committed to teaching our kids and others about Him!!! 

So, here's to you Natalie.  I hope you have a great call night.  Tedi and I love you.

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