Saturday, March 5, 2011

30 Days.....

....Yes, it has been thirty days.  I have successfully blogged for thirty straight days.  Seriously, I did not think I could do it....I thought I would let a night slip away into the midnight hour and miss it but feel too guilty to cheat.  BTW~ I did not cheat.  So what now for the blog.... I would like to mix in a few new things.  I want to have several "guest bloggers"...starting tomorrow will be JT, my hubby!  I am still thinking of a few more people to ask.  (if you are interested in participating, let me know.. the post could be on adoption, family, friendships, growth. just drop me an email:  Moving on to the real post. 


I was just telling a friend tonight how I want to live more deliberately, even about the little details and events of life (being organized and making better decisions). I want my interactions with patients, friends, Tedi, JT, acquaintances, family to be carried out with purpose.  I am not saying that every detail of each moment spent should be planned, but more so appreciated, showing those people they are loved and valued.  Making the most out of even what seem to be the most mundane and ordinary days. 

So moving beyond euphemisms.... how will I become more deliberate?  Well, after making my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days, I will admit that I have been more specific about doing certain things (ie...blogging for 30 days in a row, sending a card per week, and such).  However, I would like to be even better, make more deliberate, God consulted decisions...

1) Goals for work that I want to meet each month: board prep questions, research planning
2) House buying: save monthly for a down payment
3) Family Planning: praying daily about God's plan for our next child. 
4) Intentional Marriage: monthly date nights, yearly vacation alone
5) Strong Parenting: weekly Bible stories to learn, read parenting books, pray diligently for my son (and future children)
6) Dedicated friend: continue to send cards, make phone calls, dedicate time weekly for emails and time with them
7) Diet/Exercise: Each bite I take/each step I run will or will not get me to my goal.... (as I eat a few Doritos and know I shouldn't, though I did run 4 miles today)

I realize all of this seems vague and without specifics.  But think about it, think about specifics of everyday life.... what differerence could you or I make if we made a decision to be deliberate, to live life on purpose.  I am going to work on it...will you?

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