Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Things about Me....

I usually say that I hate doing these things, but let's be honest, I don't.  I think they are really pretty cool.  They let you see a person's idiosyncrasies and in combining answers to trivial questions, allow you to begin piecing together a person...  Or simply, you may not be trying to piece me together but are bored and reading my blog.  Either way, I tried to think of some unique and interesting things about me as well as your routine stuff...

1) How did JT and I meet?  I played flag football for the BSU at Western Kentucky University, and Paul Gibson was my coach.  Before our season started, Paul had us over to his house for a cookout.  That night I met his roommate, JT (now my husband), and he overheard me talking about how I would love to be proposed to on a basketball court.  He tells me now that he knew he would marry me that instant.  I don't know why...I was wearing bad jeans and a long sleeved shirt that was navy on the back and faded pink/tye-dye looking on the front....with bad, ungroomed eyebrows. (I have pictures to prove the atrocity of this outfit)  The next day Paul invited me back over with my friend Sarah.  I was convinced for weeks that JT liked Sarah.  I was wrong.  We did not date for nine months after this, not for lack of JT's trying....now, 10 and a half years after our meeting, it is nice to look back seeing God in the little details, including WKU flag football.

2) How did JT propose to me?  He was coaching a bball camp at his high school, Portland Christian.  My friend Emily knew he was going to propose and kept trying to get me to take a dress to this bball camp, a pink Polo tennis looking dress (I know, insert eye roll).  I refused, of course, opting for khaki shorts, an American Eagle tee and sneakers.  I went to the camp the last day to help him.  At the end, he was handing out t-shirts in the back to all of the kids and I was shooting jump shots with his cousin and brother.  Next thing I know, kids are lined up with signs and Michael Mullins (now in college) handed me purple roses and pulled up a chair.  Michael read a short note, thanking me for being there, and said the kids had a message for me.... each child flipped their sign around ...reading
"I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U-N-A-T-A-L-I-E-W-I-L-L-Y-O-U-M-A-R-R-Y-M-E?"  I still have these signs....

3) What is your dream job?  If I were a competitive pediatrician (any doc for that matter), you would expect me to say "Medicine or nothing!"  But I am not like that.  There are tons of things I want to do...like a fellowship in a pediatric sub specialty and medical missions...  However, when I think about what my dream job would be (and not be joking about working for Food Network), it would be to own a card shop.  If you know me even a little bit, you will have experienced my slightly unhealthy love for giving and receiving cards.  I went to a book store and card shop in Vermont a few years ago which had fabulous EE Cummings and Elizabeth Barrett Browning poems on their cards... I love finding funny cards, cards with quotes, but not cheesy message cards (unless being used for joke and tweaked for a purpose)..and especially blank cards.  I don't believe in sending cards that are laissze faire in all intents and purposes.  Said card shop would serve the necessary basics: water, diet coke, peppermint mocha and pumpkin spice lattes, butterscotch lifesavers, earl gray tea, and weekly creme brulee.  I know, I know, but one can dream, eh?

4) "Favorite" Questions:
Gum: Big Red or Big Chew (old school)
Color: Greens and Blues
Season: Fall
Months: December, February, June, October
Sport to Watch: football
Sport to Play: flag football or basketball
Shampoo: Aveda Color Protect
Mascara: DiorShow
Dessert: Creme Brulee
Holiday: Christmas (first), birthdays (second), Valentine's Day (third)
Childhood Movie: Man in the Moon, My Girl, Cutting Edge
Teenage Movie: 10 Things I Hate about You, "O", Save the Last Dance
Adulthood Movie: Bed of Roses, Bad Boys II, Hitch, Red Violin
Vacation: Disney my senior year, St. Thomas in 2005 or Cruise in 2009
Car: I miss my Jetta...
Drink: Wine, Smirnoff Ice, Screwdriver
Country: Dominica
Flower: easy, Purple Rose
Gift: Tiffany pendant from Jacqueline, Ethiopian bracelet from JT , many many more
Bible Verse(s): Proverbs 31, Proverbs 17:17, James 1:27
US Cities/Towns I have visited: NYC, Chattanooga, Madison, GA, Greenwich, Key West

5.  My Biggest Insecurity: I have two that come to mind....first and foremost is my self image and looks.  I struggle with my weight as I did even back in high school.  Looking back at my much smaller high school size, I wonder how I was so self conscious then and realize that is a state of mind more than a size.  Many days my poor self image in reference to my weight makes me feel like an overall ugly person.  This is a constant struggle that I am daily striving to improve upon.  I am also insecure about my knowledge level at my job.  This insecurity, as with my weight/looks, are both in essence due to comparison of myself with others.  I am glad that God is slowly taking my internal comparisons and using them to show me my "unique-ness".  Despite this, I am often in my self conscious state, just look past me. 

Okay,  I will try to add some of these to each vacation post.  Now to bed in preparation for Tedi's first bowling experience tomorrow with his buddy Isaac Meseretu and my time tomorrow night working on my work presentation with Robin. 

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