Saturday, February 5, 2011

Indianapolis Mini-Vacation....

Be patient and let me tell you a story. 

August 2001 was my first semester of college.  I signed up for a weight lifting class and in my "jock-ish" way, I wore knee length basketball shorts, two sports bras, a 12th Region tournament basketball tshirt, sneakers, and a ponytail.  I sat waiting for the class, full of mostly the meat-head, Jersey shore type (not a term we used in 2001).  In bounced this girl wearing capri pants, a dressy tank top, and flip flops with huge flowers on them.  Really, who wears flip flops to weight lifting???  Well, seeing my 12th Region shirt, this bubble-y flip flop girl decided to strike up a convo.  So, upon conversing, we realized we kind of knew one another....she was from Casey Co, the next county over from where I grew up.  She was a cheerleader and knew my best friend Sarah.... I, of course, was still too naive to tell her now nuts it was to wear those crazy shoes but thought we could maybe friends.

After that, we slowly became the best of friends.  On my first date with JT, she did my hair and makeup.  We spent many nights in my twin-sized dorm room bed in McCormick Hall, pseudo-studying for her broadcast journalism courses, which were much more difficult than Sociology101. Before we knew it, Thanksgiving break happened and she was engaged.  I was blessed to stand beside her as her maid of honor in a beautiful wedding...  Her husband turned around and performed our wedding a year later.  We are so very different in almost every way.  However, I deeply admire Emily and her parenting.  I value her friendship and enjoy looking back and laughing at her stupid flip flops!

Now, nine and a half years later, we loaded up into her mom's Saturn Outlook and drove our families (yes families) to Indianapolis for an overnight visit to a waterpark and the Children's Museum.  Complicating our trip was the fact that Emily and Jason both ended up at the urgent care center this morning, leaving JT and I to care for all three kids.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching JT dress these two girls, something with which he is not comfortable with.....Boys, yes.  Girls, not so much.  Overall, despite the illness, screaming kids and crappy Indy weather, we all had a great time.  I just hope the Fox Family did as well (and next time we will go south in February) 

Enjoy the pictures.. There are quite a few

About 30 minutes into the trip, this is what we found in the back seat

Matching Wabis (aka...pacifiers)

Beginning of the Chaos

These are our husbands

Waterpark at our hotel

Before the swim

My Favorite Picture

Lazy River

Watching cartoons

Sleeping with his best buddy, Mickey

Vivi bathing while her mommy and daddy were at urgent care

Indianapolis this morning

Check out the Chaos

Getting ready to "dig" for fossils

A Moment of Discipline caught on camera by Daddy

Blown Glass Display

Matching outfits

JT and Jason "Boom.  Powerstance" on the Barbie Runway

I Own this Barbie...JT said I should sell all of these on Ebay

Loving the Indy Race Car

Dosing Off

Finally Asleep


  1. Great idea on the weekend in Indy. It's tough to beat the Childrens Museum and we took our boys that waterpark last year as well.

    More importantly, I am glad I am not the only one that has been practicing my Boom Power Stance. I am on the verge of superhero status. Glad we aren't the only ones still watching MTV in our 30's.


  2. Matt,
    I love it... JT was so pumped when he read your post. Tedi can now do a BOOM! I will have to video it!