Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birthday Bowling

Tedi has a lot friends according to him.  "I have lots friends at my e-school" he will tell us.  However, there is one friend that is from the beginning.... Isaac Meseretu.  (Tedi is not letting go of his Ethiopian name.)  They lived in the same village in Woolyta (*spelling?)  They came to and lived at the orphanage together in Addis Ababa... Now they live several miles apart in Louisville.  Tedi adores Isaac and wants to do anything he does... Well, Isaac's "5th" birthday was last week and to celebrate, Tera (his mommy) and I met up to let the boys have their first bowling experience.  It was hilarious to watch them bowl.  Tedi is so literal that he walked to the line, set the ball down, and shoved it SLOWLY down the alley... only falling once and setting off the alarm.  Evenutally they used the ramp to speed things up.  Following bowling, we took them to Popcorn Station where they ate Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn (and mommy had a few bites)  Here are just a few pictures...the photographer I am not but nevertheless, please enjoy.  I can't wait to get these boys together again.

 Tedi's first bowling experience
 Jonathan, Tedi, Isaac, and Jonas

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