Sunday, January 2, 2011

So, let's be honest.  Most of know when something is wrong with us.  Our hair is a hot mess...we have a zit that we have tried too hard to cover with concealer...our house is not picked up, much less clean....we are overweight...when we mess up words or mis-speak.. You name it.  We do not need someone to remind us of it...kind of like junior high teasing... The chubby girl knows she is chubby and does not need reminding.....

Anyways, I have decided to take hold of what I have known for awhile (more like a lifetime).... I have a made a resolution.  I did this before, January 2006 to be exact... the infamous weight loss resolution.  I lost the weight in 2006 while living in the Caribbean alone during med school but gained it back.  Well, I have decided now is the time..five years later, to make the change once and for all.  The motivation of wearing a black cocktail dress from White House Black Market as a bridesmaid in July does not hurt...but more than that, I need this for my self confidence.. I need this because I must be a good example as a mother in this regard. 

I am putting this on my blog more for accountability than anything else.  This will not be easy...especially when I am on call (my weakest months) because I justify eating badly and being lazy by being exhaustion and working 80 hour weeks....But these are excuses... what I learned most in high school was from my basketball coach who said "Excuses are a sign of weaknesses." I now know I have weak moments, but I am learning, one day at a time, to conquer them. 

Anyways.  There it is.  My one resolution.  There no exact numbers attached at this time.  But hold me accountable, and please don't judge my missteps.   Thank you in advance.

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  1. You go girl! You can do it. But just so you know- you are already beautiful just the way you are :-)