Monday, January 3, 2011

6 Months Home....Yes, you read that correctly.
Let's Celebrate the Beauty of Adoption

I am ALMOST speechless.  I can barely fathom that Tedi has been home six months.  The changes are vast and amazing... In honor of six months home, a picture from each month is posted below (choosing is very very very tough).  Also, I have posted six of the biggest/neatest/most fun changes that have occurred in Tedi and our family during this time.  Lastly, I will post six phrases most used by Tedi right now.

1) Ummmm..... Maaay--=bbeee.  (when asked to make any decision)
2) I need to show you sumpen (something).... (while dragging you by hand wanting your attention)
3) I need kiss you... (used to be a way to delay going to bed but now is said anytime you kiss him)
4) Not....  (when the answer is no or he does not want to do something... we are Not sure where he got this)
5) My mommy, my daddy. What you doing? (said breathlessly as he runs from his room for no reason)
6) IIIIII can do it...  (on every single thing we do on a daily basis (getting dressed, turning on lights, opening doors, buckling his car seat, you name it)

1) Physical Appearnce: no joke, the boy has grown 2 INCHES in six months.  He has only gained 3 pounds but I am amazed at two inches... His 3T clothes are HIGH WATERS.
2) Object and Person Permanence:  Tedi now knows that when mommy and daddy go to their bedroom we will be there when he wakes (unless I am on a night shift).  He will occasionally wake up and come to our room and check in on us, but it is not happening 3-4x/night like it did at first.  He also does not have to wear his clothes all the time or be possessive of each article of clothing.  He understands that when clothes are dirty, they will get washed and return to only him. 
3) Trusting who we trust: Tedi now trusts other people who we trust.  What do I mean by this?  If we are going to see someone or they are coming over, we try to "talk it up" and prepare him for it.  Once we knows that we are excited about this person/people being around, he is equally excited and feels comfortable with people.  I wish I had better words to articulate this.... However, if you can grasp what I mean, you will understand how beautiful it is!
4) Laughter: JT and I laughed a lot before Tedi came home, but now we are perpetually laughing....even when we get frustrated or disappointed with his behavior, we find ourselves laughing.  Moreover, Tedi LOVES to laugh and his laugh is infectious.  Every report we got from people who had met him in the orphanage was how quiet and sad and withdrawn he was.  Well, if you have met him now, you know this is not the case!  What a joy he is!
5) Fear: When he first arrived home, Tedi would stand at the door and sob when JT left for work.  JT was the first person to whom he attached and it broke his heart to see him leave, regardless of the fact that his aunt Denise or Pop were staying with him.  Now, he walks into Sunday School class, to school, to my parents or JT's parents.....without looking back..because he knows we will be back for him. The transformation, though not quick, has been beautiful to watch and to live.
6) Family: We are now a family.  I never really knew what it would be like to have children and now, I can not really remember it any other way.  Also, there have been changes in other family members.  People that did not support our adoption initially or were not excited are now in love with this curly-haired boy.

July 2010: A scared little boy hooked to Dum Dums and a soccer ball 
 August 2010: his first trip to Lake Cumberland, and yes holding Granpa's chewing tobacco
 September 2010: first football game and loving his daddy
 October 2010: with JT's Mamaw as Buzz Lightyear
 November 2010: Happy 4th Birthday, boy does he love his Lightening McQueen Car
December 2010: Happy Birthday Jesus

```` I had such a hard time picking pictures (I mean there were soccer games and pumpkins and all kinds of pics), but I hope these hit the highlights.

Upcoming in the next few months....
~ JT's big event at work:  He is charge of planning the major fundraiser for his business, Family and Children's Place, and it takes place on January 15th after a UofL men's basketball game.  He is very nervous so please pray for his confidence and calming of his nerves.  Tedi and I know he will be successful
~Vacation: I Have my second 2 week vacation at work during the first two weeks of February.  We have several doctors appointments and tax appointments scheduled but would love to get away for a few days if anyone has suggestions....we are taking them
~My birthday: no big plans but it is coming in February
~Cars 2 comes to theaters (yes, Tedi will love this more than we will).
~And most importantly, praying daily for where, when, how God wants to use us for adoption or to adopt.

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  1. Ok, this might sound weird but what about a few days in Vegas? Hotels and flights are relatively cheap, lots of food options, and lots of child-friendly entertainment also.