Sunday, January 23, 2011

Living Job,
Goodbye Elijah James
Our family members would say the same thing.... the difference in a year. JT's cousin, Richie, must feel like he is living the life of Job. At twenty-six years old with a wife and young son, his career is growing. This summer he learned he was going to have another baby. After the loss of a pregnancy last year...this was fabulous news. Then there was September (see my sept posts). Richie's mom (JT's aunt) died suddenly at 56 years old. Now without his mom, the hope of the baby, now known to be boy, was sustaining their immediate family. Elijah James Folden was born seven days ago. Today, he lays in a hospital bed at Kosair Children's Hospital (where I spend all of my work days) status post craniotomy for a brain bleed. Now, they are removing life support from his tiny life that never had a chance to grow. Where does this leave Richie, his wife Brooke, his father Rick? I am praying it leaves them at the feet of Jesus looking up. I am can not fathom their pain, their loss. It is beyond my scope.

I see death almost daily. I come and go through the doors our Intensive Care Unit....and yet it never has been so palpable until with my family. Please pray for this family, my family through marriage who I love as my own. Pray to God, thanking Him for the our blessing that stared at us one year ago and pray for the deep grief of they are feeling.

So now we say goodbye to Elijah James Folden (little brother to Grant, son to Brooke and Richie, Grandson of Rick) who is now being rocked by his Mamaw Margie at the feet of Jesus.  (below is a picture of Elijah and Grant on their first day together)


  1. Praying for your family and for this little one who will soon be rocked to sleep by Jesus at night. So heartbreaking.

  2. very heartbreaking indeed. there are no words. there just are not. i can send a (hug); for your family during this difficult time.