Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January Happenings,
Avoiding Complaints,
Loving my friends and family

This is a rough month for me in terms of work....30 hours shift sleeping at the hospital every fourth night.... I get exhausted but I must say that despite this, my month has been great so far.... So with the goal of avoiding complaining, I am going to highlight some of the fun things and positive highlights of January and cool things we have planned soon...

  1. The Caper (Family and Children's Place):  This is the place where JT is employed..... and job, I must say, that he loves.  It is a non-profit organization that helps raise funds and awareness for children of sexual and domestic abuse.  JT works in the development department, which organizes the fundraising aspect.  This past weekend was their largest fundraisers of the event, The Caper, that involves a silent auction, live auction, UofL basketball players signing autographs, food vendors....it is a big event where about 600-700 people attended.  I was so proud both OF and FOR JT.  The event raised a good amount of money for a fabulous cause and my husband's organization skills prevailed in executing a great event.  Though we were both exhausted afterwards, it was a successful, fun event.
  2. Family: We have great family, both JT and me.  This weekend JT's mom as well as my mother and stepfather came to JT's event (see above).  I love it when people support my husband and we appreciated this support so much.  My mom and stepdad also kept Tedi over this past weekend so that I could catch on sleep that I am losing on my 30 hour call month.  It was nice to have a break for the weekend.  I can not finish this paragraph without a shout out to my father-in-law who keeps Tedi everyday during his "retirement" years.  His support and help is invaluable (well, maybe the gas he uses has a value) and I can never thank him enough.
  3. Friends: So the only thing that is getting me through the rough work hours and busy days at the hospital are my friends (both at work and at outside of work).  My upper level resident at work is a great guy with whom I love working...we have a great and hard-working med student.  I am also working with several girls that I love dearly and are making the month much better (Thanks Erica, Shivani, Nitya, Robin and Christina)         
  4. Outside of work, my dear friend Sarah helps me hold it together and is like a sister to me.  She and her boyfriend Zach attended JT's event, helped me with Tedi and are always there for us....whether it   is for pizza and wine or to help us move.  I have also been growing my friendship with Elizabeth, the lovely gal who took our family pictures (http://www.lizzieloo.com/).   She volunteered her services to  photograph JT's event on Saturday....she has a heart for giving back and I love this girl.  Jacqueline, one my best friends, is getting married in May and is encouraging me in my weight loss journey....and also giving me the opportunity to wear fabulous dresses and peacock hair pieces (a good motivator for weight loss).  Our friends, Emily and Jason (aka Stella's parents) are a constant in our world for prayer, laughter, support, and love....and they are going to Indy with us for a mini vacation in Feb (can not wait!!!)
  5. Weight Loss: So I promised to keep little updates on the blog...I am pretty much on pace for 2 pounds per week it seems.  I have lost 5 pounds since starting this.  I am working being more controlled when eating unhealthy foods.  My struggle right now is adding exercise.  Being a wife, mom and working my hours, exercise is about seventh on my list of things to do....so my goal is to step it up next month when I have some vacation and easier hours.  So there it is...diet update. Project Black Cocktail Dress, my new name for the diet.
Below are a few fun pictures from the last week or so...I am going to work at getting more in the upcoming few days....my vacation, pics from JT's event, and so on!

 waiting to meet my mom at the Galt House
 with Zach at The Caper
 being silly with Elizabeth
 in the ottoman, aka "the box"
he really fell asleep like this

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