Thursday, December 2, 2010

2 Post: 1 Purpose

#1: This was posted today by a fellow adoptive mother and I want to share it.  I can't really articulate more than this does.. Be challenged

#2 From .
This mom inspires me so much...Think about her words this time of year..

Early this morning I sat snuggled up on the sofa. As the soft glow of the Christmas tree lights filled the room, I opened my bible to the book of Luke and began to read about Jesus birth.
Over and over the words "there was no room in the Inn" swam through my head and the Lord began to open my eyes to what He was trying to show me....
Door after door closing.
Person after person shaking their head no.
Voice after voice saying - 'we have no room'.
No room.
And I couldn't help but wonder how many of us are still doing that same thing today?
Because you see, while Jesus may not be roaming the earth today in human form looking for a place to stay-Matthew 25:45 tells us "whatever you did to the least of these, you did unto me".
Mother Teresa said it this way "Each one of them is Jesus in disguise."
Statistics tell us that there are 147 million + orphans in this world today.
A 147 million who are looking for room....
Room in our homes
Room in our hearts
And room in our lives.
If each one of them is Jesus in disguise- and we have no room for them- then have we truly made room for Jesus?
Or could it be that we have No room because those rooms are already full of things that don't really matter?
Stuff that isn't about His kingdom- but ours?
I cannot help but wonder how many of those Inn keepers ever realized that they missed the chance to be a part of the greatest miracle they would have in their lifetime?
And I cannot help but wonder how many of us still do the same today?


  1. WOW....I'd say she hit it right on the head with that post...

  2. That was really well said! Great post!