Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tis the Season......Buy An Ornament

Selling ornaments was our inital and most lucrative fundraiser.  I am an adament supportive of ornament sales for adoption...  Each year when you pull out the ornament, you think of adoption, the child/family you supported, and your heart for adoption.  I am posting three ornaments below all made by people who are in process and who I considered important to our family, in friendship for the first two and support of our adoption in the last one.  If you can afford it this season, please consider supporting these families

1) Neeley Family:  He is the minister at the church we are attending and already has four children.  They are just starting their adoption and are raising funds.  Email Laurie Ann (  They are not setting a price but asking for donations.  Please consider.  http://a4us/

2) Elliot Family:  Sarah and her son Noah are adopting a son from Ethiopia.  They are selling ornaments for $6.  Email Sarah with any questions.....  Her blog  is

3) Debi Jenkins and her family supported our adoption and here are the ornaments they are selling...I love them. How am I going to talk JT into buying something from all of these fundraisers..?

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