Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, Tedi

Four years ago today in a village in the Wolayta region of southwest Ethiopia, a widowed mother of five children ages 1-5 gave birth to a beautiful brown boy and named him Twedros Chinasno. I am sure she was filled with joy and in the eyes of another baby boy and the despair of traveling through parenthood alone... Her journey is now mine. She has given me her youngest child and most precious gift, my Tedi. She must be thinking of him, today more than others, aching for him, worrying about him. To her, his first mother, I am indebted for her gift. I am thanking her today and praying for her heart today....

I am also celebrating her son today. What a blessing! Enjoy a few pictures below of Tedi's birthday....It is a slight degression from adoption awareness on one hand, but on the other, Is it?

Tedi's Cake (fabulous job by Toni Jefferson)

Pics of JT's parents' basement which turned out to be a great venue for the party

The Bounce House aka a God-send with copious numbers of kids

Tedi with his prize possession, "his Lightning McQueen."  By the way, he drives like his mother


  1. I have rode with his mother...maybe JT can give him some lessons! :)