Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tag, I am it.
So my friend Brittney ( tagged me on her blog to do this... "about me" post... I have a few minutes tonight so here you go.  I hope it isn't too boring.

What would your dream job be?
Okay, so I love being a doctor (not the debt that has come with it, but nonetheless).  I love even more being a pediatrician..... So with that in mind, I would love a job that I was able to provide optimal care to kids in a pediatric subspecialty (ED, critical care...), make enough money to pay off my debts and provide for my family, pay for at least one adoption per year (ours or another's), travel 2-4 weeks per year for medical missions in Africa, and participate in medical education.... IS THAT ASKING TOO MUCH?

Where would you like to live?
We have lived in 13 homes in seven years of marriage.... I have lived Stanford, KY and Bowling Green, KY and together we have lived in Gallatin, TN, Athens, GA, Dominica (for med school), Dallas, TX (for board review course), NYC, Louisville, KY.  I LOVED LOVED LOVED NYC!!!!  I miss it daily.  The cost was prohibitive at the time in our lives we were there.  I have learned that I have to make myself happy despite my town and circumstance and that was not easy early in our moves (gallatin and athens).  I would not mind living in Portland, Oregon, Boulder, Colorado or Chicago.....So while I greatly miss NYC, I love living in NYC. 

In which century would you like to live?
I kind of fell in love with the era of Henry the 8th.  HOWEVER, I loathe the way women were treated in that time.  I like the morals and hardwork of the 40s & 50s, but still feel women were put in a box.  Thus, no suits me just fine.
What would be your last meal?
This is the toughest!  Like my friend Brittney, I can not name just one meal.  I am not the thinnest amongst us so it obvious my love of food.... so for my last meal, I would like for it to include some combination of the following..... chicken pad thai, my mom's country fried steak with mashed potatoes, sake blue's sushi, filet from Morton's, alecha sega wot from Queen of Sheba with a piece of injera, fruit dip, JT's mamaw's potato salad, Sharon's veggie casserole, my dad's baked beans, pear and chocolate chip creme brulee from Gradisca in NYC, risotto from Suba in NYC, and pumpkin ice cream from Homemade pie kitchen... and these are just a few of my favorites!

Why did you start this blog?
I actually had my first blog when I moved to Dominica in the Caribbean for medical school.  I wanted everyone to follow my day to day life and see pictures.  So it was a natural transition to start this blog once our adoption started.

Favorite piece of clothing?
a white undershirt of JT's that is too old for him to wear and sweats.  Specifically, there is a tshirt that my sister, step brother and step sister have passed around.  It is a gray Lincoln County Football shirt that my step sister, who is now 34, wore in 5th grade.  It is THE BEST!

Favorite Film?
I love the following (admittedly, not quality): Red Violin, Hitch, Bad Boys II, Time to Kill, My Girl, The Cutting Edge, Now and Then, Bed of Roses, Sex and the City, He's Just Not that into You, .... as you see, cheesy romantic comedies, NOTHING SCARY.  I like government stuff but can't think of any off hand.  I know, kind of boring.

What would you like to do before you turn 100?
Well, my grandfather just passed away at the age of 97...  In effort not to make a "bucket list", I will highlight the strange ones...
-celebrate a 50 yr anniversary
-adopt again, and again, and maybe again
-pay for at least one other adoption
-hold my grandchild
-dance with my son at his wedding
-learn to drive a 5 speed
-go water skiing
-travel to all 6 continents
-work in medical education
-own a home
-go to Hawaii
-return to Dominica for medical mission/care
-Have a Christmas tree in every room of my house (sorry JT)

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