Sunday, October 10, 2010


~This past Friday night was Tedi's first time going trick-or-treating.  We met our friends, The Fox family, at the Louisville Zoo for Trick or Treating at the zoo.  Now, while children love this, it is not a blast for parents.....tons of wagons and strollers and candy and kids running everywhere.  Thankfully Tedi listened fairly well.  He was able to spend time with his buddy, Stella.... He got to ride a carousel for the first time and wore his costume.  I was pulling the wagon and at one point looked back, and he was eating two pieces of candy. I asked him where his gum went and he pointed to his stomach... FAN-tastic!  Afterwards, he went to JT's Mamaw's house to visit quickly for his aunt's bday.  She enjoys seeing Tedi and he even sang "Jesus Loves Me" for her. 

Jason Fox with Stella, Vivian and Tedi.... a long way from college

Dorothy and Buzz 

First Carousel Ride 
 Tedi and Mamaw Smith

~ First Fever.... Yes, Tedi had his first fever.  JT called me at work Saturday morning to tell me that Tedi was not as active during his soccer game.  My mother and JT's mom were both at the game and stopped to buy a thermometer... 101.3.  He took motrin and felt better.  Around seven last night, it was up again.  Then around midnight, it was around 103.  We stayed at my inlaws since my mom and step dad were there too.  I slept with the poor little guy.  I was wavering between a fretful mommy and a doctor who knows it is okay.  But I am also in infectious disease this month...where everyone is really sick with fevers....  His fever broke around 1am and then he was fine.  He has been fine since...  Not a great "first" but first nonetheless...

~ Tedi went to Huber farm after that said fever broke for the first time yesterday.  He was able to sit on a tractor and get his own pumpkin for the first time yesterday.   Today we carved the pumpkin.  He was so excited to carve the pumpkin...he made his own 'ooh ahh' noises.  So precious.  Here a few pictures....

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