Thursday, October 28, 2010

Officially a Mom

Yes, you thought this happened in January when we accepted our referral.  Or July when Tedi came home.  However, I am now officially inducted into motherhood.  Why...How.... you make ask?  I was invited to bring Tedi on a PLAYDATE!!!!!!!  Yes, so now, I am officially a mother.  BUT with that said, Tedi adores the little guy whose mom invited us so we will definitely take her up on it! 

I am also soaking up all the time I have with my men and friends before I start a month of call again on Monday.  Yes, taking the time for dinners with friends, family, and my boys is taking time away from studying for my board exam (dec 7 and 8).  Yet, I am loving taking Tedi to school, picking him up, and playing with him... I will for sure miss all of this next month. 

For now, Happy Halloween!

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