Monday, October 25, 2010


I am not sure what to write about tonight.  I have been spinning my wheels over what to talk about...there are so many things.... Do I talk about the lecture I attended today about the extreme importance of vaccinations and the connection to adoption? Or do I talk about my desire to let Tedi's birth mother know how well he is doing, how loved he is, and how I can not fathom the depth of her love for him?  I am not sure where to start...

First, I must brag on JT.  We both have a heart for adoption and a deep longing to do MORE.  Well, we have been specifically praying for such opportunities.  God has heard and provided.   JT is now on the board with LYDIA Fund (I am as well but more in a prayer and backseat role compared to JT), a non-profit organization that works to help pay for travel costs for adoptive families.  He acts in reviewing applications, interviewing applicants, praying for the organizations and such....  We are very blessed to have this opportunity and appreciate the enormity of the blessing we have been given.  In God's coincidence, this is one of the organizations that helped us travel to get our little man....

We attended our friend Stella's 5th Birthday party...a costume party, this weekend.  It was a great time as my friend Emily can plan a party better than anyone I know.  Yet attending the party with many other American born and raised children reminded me of the desparity and difference in my son, and I am not just referring to race.  We have come so far with language, adjustment, attachment, understanding, learning to sing How Great is Our God....and yet being around the other (new) children reminded me of how far we have to go.  I watched my son fail to understand that Stella had more friends than just him...and though I tried to explain, it all was not adding up to him.  I could see the confusion and saddness, but thankfully as his mom, I was able to redirect him to a few other little boys with whom he could play.  I could see the confused look  of more than one child from Tedi to me to JT as he ran to us screaming "mommy, daddy, look!"  So while I know we are different in many ways that permeate beyond melanin, I had not been so aware until we were out of our little world.  This just reminds me that as his mother I have to stand up and fight for him, be patient with him and be acutely aware of all that goes on with him and to him.  It also makes me realize that the example our family sets for those around us can form lasting opinions, open up conversations between parents and children, hopefully change the minds of many...  I just continue to pray that this is something that I will find the daily strength to do.
All of this said, we had a great time and Tedi jabbered about the BEERTHDAAAY pawty all night. 

 First time in a Jump House
 Giving Stella her gift
 Loving it!
Buzz and was so cute...He thought this was the real Woody

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  1. Natalie,
    What a great, thought provoking post. I will definitely keep this in mind when Yonas and Yosef come home. Thank you for giving me something to consider.