Sunday, August 8, 2010

Long Weekend Vacation

This past weekend we headed to central Kentucky for a little lake/swimming vacation so that Tedi could have some time with one half of his family! We had a blast. Below are pictures by Day. I realize I should have reversed the order...oh well!

Day 4: Sunday, August 8, 2010

Today, we started our morning by leaving the houseboat and headed to visit our former church family at First Baptist Church in Somereset. It was great to see everyone and visit so many people who supported our adoption, financially and in prayer. Afterwards, we visited my grandmother (mom's mom) at her nursing home. She is not doing well so it was a blessing that she was able to meet Tedi today. We returned to Louisville with my sister, Gretchen or "GiGi", in tow. We took her to Queen of Sheba to try Ethiopian food (pictures of that to come). The owner, Selam, took time to talk to Tedi but he was nervous when she spoke to him in Amharic. We speculate that he associated it with going back to Ethiopia. He had tears running down his cheeks but did not audibly cry. She was very understanding of the situation....of course the food was great! Now, at 9:30, Tedi and GiGi are sleeping!

JT, Tedi, Granny Ginny and I

GiGi, Tedi, me, and Granny Ginny

Tedi kissing Granny Ginny

Day 3: Saturday, August 7, 2010: On the Lake

This morning started early with "feeding duckies" with Grandpa Kevin. Tedi loved the duckies!!!! The poor ducks ate so many crackers and hotdog buns! Grandpa Kevin then showed Tedi how to fish with the new Sponge Bob fishing pole. They then went fishing with live bait, but Tedi hated the worms and quickly returned to the boat. GiGi spent most of this day sleeping because she had worked night shift two days prior. We took the pontoon boat out on the lake and parked next to some houseboats owned by my dad's friends. Tedi jumped off the back of the boats at least 50 times and went down the really tall houseboat slides three times! He is fearless!!!! He loved the smoked pork and baked beans Grandpa cooked for dinner and went to bed early and exhausted!!!

Day 2: Saturday, August 6, 2010: Meeting New People and the Boat

We started our day by picking up yummy pistachio muffins at Baxter's coffee shop in Somerset and heading to JT's old State Farm office. We visited with his co-workers, Melissa and Margaret. We then headed to my old office where we played with all the girls and waited for the docs to visit...though they did not make it, Tedi had a blast.... From there, we all headed to Granpa Kevin's houseboat.... We drove the pontoon boat around, swam, and ate great steak. I was not feeling well so I laid down. However, Tedi had a blast wrestling with Grandpa, watching Toy Story and feeding the ducks.

with Christian Dawes....who will soon get an Ethiopian sibling

Day 1: August 6, 2010: Swimming with Stella and Sexy Mexy

Just for the Tedi, we specifically planned for him to have a day with his best buddy Stella. He was so very excited that he kept saying "stella's house" all day. They ate pizza, swam and watched, you guessed it, Toy Story, together. We were able to sneak him out of the house without him having a breakdown missing Stella. This day was the first real hint that he would no doubt love the water.....He was sliding head first down a little tykes slide into the water! Afterwards, we headed to Somerset to meet our Sexy Mexy friends....when we lived in Somerset, we ate Mexican every Wednesday night with three other couples. We wanted them to meet Tedi, even if it was a Thursday.

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