Sunday, August 1, 2010

Let Vacation Begin....

When we found out Tedi was coming home in the beginning of July and I would not be able to travel to Ethiopia, I requested the first two weeks of August as my vacation/maternity leave. Not quite the time the rest of the world gets, but I can not complain. I worked Saturday for about six hours to finish up my cardiology rotation and came home to the first picture... Tedi had found his headphones from the Ethiopia trip and was wearing them. It is like like pulling teeth to get a good picture out of this boy so I was thankful for this beautiful one.

Daddy loves argyle so when I found this polo at the Gap outlet back in May I could not resist. He wears it very well. Even Buzz Lightyear and Woody go well with it!

On Friday night, my mother in law suggested we go to the local Ethiopian restaurant, Queen of Sheba. My mother in law (Granna), sister in law (Denise=Neece), brother in law (Daniel=D), friends Lameca and CJ, and us all went....and boy did Tedi show us how to eat with Injera. We order a lot of food, not knowing what to expect (except for JT). It was fabulous! Tedi LOVED it. He ate everything, especially the lentils and injera. He even liked the Baklava

Before Tedi came home from Ethipia, our friends, The Marquis, sent Tedi a gift. They traveled to Ethiopia with JT to pick up their daughter, Hiwot. For those of you that know us, how perfect is this book??? And it is one of Tedi's favorites.

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