Friday, August 13, 2010

The Least of These.....

Below, I chose six organizations (for fab "five" Friday) that are stepping up to protect "the least of these." I know there are many many many more of these organizations but I have chosen six with which I am familiar. The first three are larger organizations that serve many countries and here in America while the last three are situated locally in Louisville. I just wanted to highlight those who are stepping up
1. World Vision: We have been sponsoring Demekech from Ethiopia for the last several months. They do good work for orphans and communities all over the world. If you haven't, check them out!

2. Children's HopeChest: Like world vision, we sponsor a child through them as well. They work for orphans and sexually exploited children all over the world. Please, please check them out!

3. Ordinary Hero This organization was discussed in yesterday's post...with the video of Korah. Their motto is Change the World for One. They are based out of Nashville and service those in their community as well as Rwanda, Ethiopia, and elsewhere. She is doing amazing work and is an inspiration to me. Plus she has awesome tshirts I am dying to get my hands on!

4. Home of the Innocents: This is a large children's home in Louisville that serves the local children. They work with the convalescent home through Kosair as well as foster care and intake for abandoned local children. Just as kids are abandoned abroad, they are in Louisville as well. I am not well versed on everything they offer so please check them out.

5. Family and Children's Place: THIS IS JT'S NEW EMPLOYER. He is working in their development department to raise funds for this organization that raises funds for women and children who are victims are domestic/sexual abuse. They have 10 different centers around Louisville and have been established in different forms for about 100 years. JT is very pleased with his new job and is glad to make a difference for "the least of these."

6. Arise for Children.... OUR ADOPTION AGENCY. Centered in Louisville, 35 children were brought home from Ethiopia in 2009 and there are many more, including us, this year. While it is a small agency, they work hard for the good of the children they serve. They are opening their own orphange, LIA, in Ethiopia and are still waiting on families to bring home these beautiful children.....Check them out, especially if you feel called to adopted (whether you are in Louisville or not.) Thanks Susan!

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