Friday, August 13, 2010

Fab Five Friday: Top 5 Toys in Our Home (currently)

1. Any Type of Ball, but Soccer is #1:
The other day JT and I looked up and Tedi had placed a soccer ball, a basketball, and a baseball on top of my decorative candle sticks in the living room. Unfortunately I did not snap a picture. Now, finding a soccer league for him!
2. LeapFrog Letter Factory:
He was very "un"interested in this at first. However, since I have been home with him, I have gone through the letters multipe times per day so now I am getting requests for the "Letters" dvd. He is not remembering the sounds perfectly but we will get there!
3. Hot Wheels:
Tedi Loves his hotwheels. We actually do not have that many of them in our house and he even "borrowed" one when we toured his school. Thankfully, the principal gave him permission to do so. He is very protective of these and will hide them in his pockets. Too cute.

I should just call this Toy Story because I feel like we have 10 Woody dolls of all sizes, three Buzz-es, MR. and MRS. Potato Head, a mini Dinosaur, Jessie.... He LOVES them and can even say "To Infinity and Beyond"

5: MegaBlocks:
We have two sets of these, one given to us by a former co-worker of mine and one as a shower gift. He will ask me to help and then never want my help all at the same time. He builds towers, forts, and all kinds of structures. He is very anal and only wants it his way. These are a big hit and I am sure we will end up buying more sooner rather than later.

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