Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 6: A Day of Play and Bonding

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great day!! I have 3 days (depending on how you count) until my boys are home! I woke up at 100am to skype with JT and Tedi. They had just gotten up to start their day and Tedi was still in his PJs. He is so stinking cute I can barely take it. He still is scared by the computer so I am trying to not talk to him too much. He did laugh out loud when JT was pretending to take his soccer ball from him. Then I chatted with JT for a little while before I went back to sleep. They were supposed to drive into the countryside (I am not sure what that means). However, they were unable to go because the other two children were sick and went to the doctor. Thus, JT and Tedi stayed in the room and played with beach balls, hot wheels, the soccer ball.....they had lunch with another family in the hotel they met from Louisville (not a coincidence). When I was getting ready for work, JT text me to tell me he had internet. I logged onto skype and was able to chat while I finished getting ready. Tedi was laying in the bed because it was nap time. JT said today went very well. He is telling JT when he needs to potty by walking to the bathroom and saying the word. They are continuing to bond and doing well. I called to tell Tedi goodnight. He did kiss the phone and put the phone on hold! After my orientation, while Tedi was sleeping, JT tried to skype but had no connection. I quickly called and told him that I loved him and good night. He did get another bath today and did better, but was still not happy about it. :-(

Tomorrow they are going to look at the new Arise orphanage and most importantly to the US Embassy to get Tedi's immigration paperwork!!! And tomorrow is my first day of residency! It is an important day in the Henderson family!

The picture below is of him with one of the other little girls, Yemi, that her dad posted. JT is having trouble with yahoo so that is why he can't do pictures.

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