Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 5: Visiting Hope's Orphanage and time together

Well, here you go. If you are not on our email list or facebook, these are the pictures one of the other families sent me. (JT has poor internet in his room and no one to watch Tedi if he goes to the business center.) I have been able to video Skype with him 3 times since I last posted....at 1:30a for the first time, around noon and around 3p (I was off of work so had more time). Tedi was a bit unsure of the computer and some crazy white lady talking to him on it. However, JT did say that he looked at my picture and said "mommy". He called JT daddy! How sweet! There are so many more sweet stories to share but I know JT is journaling and will do a series of posts once he returns and is rested.

Today, they went to Hope, the main orphanage. JT was able to few his file and find out background info. However, I do not feel comfortable posting it here, but are sharing privately. BUT we did get a Birthday...... November 22, 2006. It is all so exciting!

JT said that Tedi is still grasping the soccer ball and watching the world cup when it is on TV. Please continue to pray for our family! We are so blessed. I can not wait until we have time to blog about our life changes and blessings!


  1. Father and son look so wonderful together!
    -Katie H

  2. I know Katie! I can't wait till it is a family of three....you know what I mean, of anyone...