Sunday, May 23, 2010

Like Mother Like Son......

The Hanel's and Wilkerson's were so kind to take a bag of goodies for Tedi during their visit to get their children last week. Well, the goodie bag had stuffed lion, a teddy bear, a tshirt that says "My mom Rules", sunglasses, a bracelet, a card with our voices, and two different pictures of us. They were able to give Tedi the baggy.....THE CAVIAT...... the nannies woke him up from his afternoon nap for this. Like me, he OBVIOUSLY does not like being awakened from a nap. I really do not think he was as annoyed with the gifts he got as he was with being sleepy. (or with wearing the girl's polo shirt).
1. Austin giving Tedi the State Farm teddy bear.... My dad has been with State Farm for 29 years.... and now SF is in Ethiopia
2. Austin showing him the card with our voices.... He looks a bit more interested.

3. Boy, he looks sleepy. In Austin's right hand is a picture of JT and I.... so weird to see our picture in Ethiopia next to our son.
4. Tedi all dressed up..... though not happy about it. He is sporting State Farm sunglasses, State Farm teddy bear, the stuffed lion, and his light blue "My mom rules" shirt.

I promise, son, once you are with us, we will work to decrease those frowns.... Because I know what it is like to lose good sleep! Thanks Elizabeth and Austin; Emily and Mike!

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