Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fab Five..... shopping for a toddler edition

We have fabulous friends, Phillip and Abby Mullins, who are having an adoption shower for us in a few weeks so we spent some of today registering (JT with a shopping "gun" was annoying ,,,,jk) ... Yesterday, before we discussed the shower, we bought a few things for our pending trip to Ethiopia (date still to come). Well, here is our fab five over the two days of shopping for a toddler..

1. Munchkin's Snack Time Thingy.... This is JT's favorite. One of our friends, The Scott's son Eli, had one of these and JT was intrigued.... Therefore Tedi now has a set.

2. Carol's Daughter products.... this is a company that designs hair and skin products for African/African American/Caribbean hair....or non Caucasian hair rather. She has built a large business and the products are great. We did not buy this because we are going to visit the main store in NYC when we are there for my graduation.....We are looking forward to it.... Thanks Holly Prosser for the suggestion!

3. Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Booster Seat.... Thank Jason and Emily for the suggestion. JT fell in love and the safety ratings were good so.... we registered for 2. We chose brown, though I liked black better, since the interiors of our cars are taupe/brown. Oh well.

4. Superhero Underwear.... JT said every boy needs this. Not only will Tedi have Spiderman, but all of the superheros..... I do not have brothers so this was a new thing for me!

5. Aveeno.... we registered for and purchased several aveeno products on the recommendations of a lovely black girl in Babys-r-us (no registering there but "browsing") in a Kevin Garnett jersey... though she called it "Al-veeeeeeno" She was great!


  1. When is the shower you are having?

  2. You are going to love the Carol's Daughter hair stuff!! smells good enough to eat! We haven't tried Aveeno, but we love Nivea and Lubriderm... seems to give us the same result, so we go with whichever is on sale at the time! So much to learn.. and SO FUN to learn it! Can't wait to meet him!

  3. Anonymous~ a friend is having a shower for us. Who is this?

    Holly~ thanks for the info. I can't wait for Tedi and Ellie to meet.

  4. We have the smae carseats for the boys! We LOVE them! They are more streamlined than most, they love the cup holders and secret hiding space too!