Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Child's Perspective

I have written before about our friend's daughter Stella who is four and is in love with Tedi. I had sent her mom a new picture and she heard Emily talking about from the other room. She ran in and asked (my recounting of the story)

Stella: Is Tedi here?

Emily: No. Not yet.

Stella: I don't understand why he has to live in the or-sanage.

Emily: Remember, his African mommy could not take care of him.

Stella: Well does he get to sleep with friends.

Emily: I don't know......(ad lib some story by Em and Jason)

Stella: Why can't their mommies keep them?

Jason: Many do not know Jesus or have the money to take care of them?

Stella: Well, why can't we go there and tell them about Jesus if they don't know about Him?

~Isn't it beautiful how the mind of a child works? She is such a sweet girl and I can not wait for her love on little T when he gets here! I found a quote on, one of my favorite websites, that made me think of Stella and T...I have get it in a frame or somehow.

No Difference
"There was a boy with skin as dark as the earth & a girl with eyes as blue as the deep & they loved each other so well that people could not tell them apart, for in their hearts, there was no difference between them. "

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  1. what a precious story and the quote brought tears to my eyes! praying for your sweet boy!