Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stories in Pictures...

I have written before about my friend Emily's daughter, Stella, and the wonderful moments I have with her. Last Friday, we babysat their baby girl Vivian while they took Stella to see the Velveteen Rabbit play. JT continued to call it the "Velveeta" rabbit. Stella did not like that. Afterward, they came to our apartment to hang out for a little while. We were all talking, and should have known better since we did not hear Stella. I hear a clunking noise....out of my closet she my peep toe Steve Madden heels (that I never ever wear anymore). She is a diva in every sense of the word and loved the shoes....I had to snap a picture. I also took two pictures of Viv during our babysitting evening. (the pictures are below).

Last night, we went to their house in Campbellsville to hang out since we know our weekends our limited with my residency quickly approaching. Stella has always love her Mr. JT. He "got" her, since he is little bit dramatic himself (no offense, sweetie). Well, our last few visits, she has wanted to be with Ms. Natalie more. Last night, we danced and played and read books and baked a make-believe cake. While she was bathing, I walked out of the room to help Emily get Viv ready for bed. Mr. JT walked into the bathroom to check on Stella only to find her wimpering. When he asked what was wrong, she said "I am upset because Ms. Natalie is not in here with me but she is playing with Vivian." She is too much!!!! So, obviously I returned to the bathroom. As I am drying her off and getting her ready for bed, this conversation commenced:

Stella: Is this how you are going to dry Tedi off after a bath?
Me: Yes. Are you going to help him learn English?
Stella: What is English?
Me (realizing how much smarter she is compared to me): It is the language we speak. The words we use.
Stella: Well, I heard him on the video use English. He said "Look, Look, mmmmm" (this is a true statement because we have a video of him saying this.)
Me: You are right.
.....she is now dressed and I am combing her wet hair.
Stella: Is this how you are going to comb Tedi's hair?
Me: No, his hair will be shorter than yours and it will be different.
Stella: Different how?
Me: Well, his hair is different from yours. Little boys from Ethiopia have hair that is not like yours and I will use different stuff for his hair. (I said something to this effect because I did not know what to say)
Stella: Huh. Okay. Want to go read?

....I Love that kid!

Before we went to Emily's, we were in Bowling Green, KY to meet a friend and pick up a suit for a wedding JT is in. We walked in Old Navy and this is what we found. Yes, it is a Run DMC shirt for our son. And, YES, JT owns one as well. JT has had his for almost a year now and it is NOT my favorite. He wore it on our vacation in the fall. He wears it whenever he can. When we found out that we were going to be the parents of a toddler little boy, he was determined to find this shirt....and yesterday we did. (not my best shot but sharing his for my lovely husband)

Lastly, we ordered Tedi's bedding on Wednesday! Well, I should say my mother in law did, and for that we are grateful. I will give JT props for picking it out. The great irony in all of this is that we don't have a bed!!!! I know, I know. But we are waiting, first, to find out about my residency, second, the home we will be living in, and third, when we will be heading to get Tedi. We are planning to get a twin....well, we are getting a twin since that is the quilt that we ordered. We are slowly collecting and getting Tedi little things because he is older and things like "showers" are not common for older ones! We love the bedding and hope you do as well.


  1. Cute bedding! Won't Tedi look sweet sleeping under that cover???

  2. Totally!!! I can't wait to tuck him in but more than that....I can't wait to read to him! Good luck with the surgery this week.