Thursday, March 11, 2010

BEWARE: A Long Post Ahead
(Ethiopia law changes, our reaction, my residency, my graduation, our lives)
Hi everyone! I wanted to take some time to post and let everyone know what has been going on in our world. It will be a long post with no fun pictures, but I will break it up with bullet points and colors so it does not feel as long ;-)
1) Ethiopian Law: Though the details have not been hammered out, Ethiopia announced yesterday that there will be changes in their laws for adopting parents. The Good: They are now requiring a new form to be completed by the Embassy in Ethiopia before parents can come pick up their child. This will extend the time between passing court and traveling to get your little one. However, the good side of this is that apparently, if what is being said is true, the child will be an American citizen upon arrival in the country rather than having to go through re-adoption, as is the current policy. The Not-As-Good: As part of these changes, the government is now going to require that both adoptive parents appear for a first visit for the court date. This visit will last one week. THEN, you must leave your child and come back in 6-12 weeks to pick them up and attend their Embassy appointment. SOOOO....what this means is that there are now two required trips for adoptive parents. While this is not a bad thing whatsoever, it is difficult for us because it adds $5000-$6000 more in travel cost. Also, we are in an unusual position that we are waiting for a court date, so that we are in the last group that just missed these requirements. Quite honestly our paperwork could actually be in court but we just don't have a date.
With all of this being said, we are actually at peace with these changes. Surprisingly, JT and I have come to this place of peace. We have seen God provide for us and demonstrate his timing so earnestly that despite our frustration with such a big change midstream, we have not faltered and have tried not to question when our natures' beckon us to. We actually expected some changes to be made to the process, but we did not know it would be now. I realize that some agencies have mis-represented situations and such changes need to be made to protect children. I will never oppose this. Nevertheless, we are steadfast and resolute knowing God's provision will continue as we continue to seek him. I love my son and though difficult, God is in every detail of bringing little Tedi home. Whether in finances or in patience, we will move forward, hand in hand, to bring home Tedros James Henderson.

"Waiting is one of God's most powerful tools of grace. God doesn't just give us grace for the wait. The wait itself is a gift of grace. You see, waiting is not only about what you will receive at the end of the wait. Waiting is about what you will become as you wait." Paul David Tripp

2. Residency: One week from today we will know where we will spend the next three years. Thursday, March 18, is the "match". It literally is like speed dating or even You interview with programs that invite you. You then put these programs in the order that you like them. The programs rank the students in the order that they like you. Then these lists are submitted to a computer-run system. You are "matched" with your list, hopefully. Some people do not get a spot if they are not ranked by programs. Anyhow, Monday I will know for sure if I have a spot, and then, on Thursday will know to which one of the nine places we will be moving. I may be minimalizing this or making it seem all technical when it is actually important. It is a BIG DEAL. We will move to a new city so that I can start residency on July 1, 2010. I will change jobs and be working as a REAL doctor....a REAL pediatrician....saving everyone else's babies. JT will be forced to find a new job and we will find a new place to live....a place fit for a beautiful little three year old boy....It is all so exciting...and yet a little nerve-wracking. Add this stress to the above changes all within a week of each other....let's just say my fingernails are shorter and my faith without knowing is steadily increasing. I will let everyone know where we are heading.
3. Fundraising and Moving Forward: We have been blessed with several people stepping up in big ways to support our adoption. Like many, we were initially met with some resistance in our adoption, more because of timing and funding rather than on principle. Now, so many people have enveloped us in support. There have been two big examples. First, the wife, Jennifer, of one of JT's college friends from Lipscomb University (his life before me) owns and runs a boutique. The store that she and her sister run are starting to carry the items designed by "147 Million Orphans" ( They have decided to give their proceeds of this gear to help fund Tedi's adoption!!!!! And once he comes home, they will help another family. How amazing! I have only met Jennifer and her husband, Wade, one time and she is willing to do such a drastic thing for us. ALSO....yesterday after we found out about the two trips, JT text his brother, a few friends, and his cousin. His cousin, Brian, and his wife, Heather, called us back last night. They decided that they want to host a fundraiser at their home just outside of Louisville. They want to have cookout and charge $5 admission and have cornhole tournament and all kinds of other activities to raise money. This is was completely their idea and what a blessing. We picked a date tonight with Brian and Heather and are working out the details... It is amazing how they just stepped up without even being asked. We were just merely planning to have a yard sale in May on our own (which we will still have)....and now two other families are stepping for us above what we could have fathomed. God really does place people in our path for reasons beyond our understanding. He is in the most minute details of our life.
Lastly, after writing all this, I wanted to say I realize how very blessed I am. I spent some time earlier reading the blog of 21 year old Katie, a missionary in Uganda, who has adopted 14 girls and lives there. She works with orphans and runs a feeding program. Her story is amazing. Check out her blog:


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