Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Granpa Stewart!

Today is my Granpa Stewart's 97th birthday....Yes 97. He was born in 1913. It is remarkable to reflect upon. He was born in rural Tennessee to a farming family. He married my grandmother and they had fifteen children. My grandmother delivered thirteen of those children in her own bed. My grandparents outlived five of their own daughters. They were very poor but hard-working tenant farmers who instilled that very work ethic in my own father.....and then to me. With grandmother gone many years ago, it amazes me that my grandfather continues to live alone in a small duplex on my aunt's property in Muskogee, Oklahoma gardening roses when he can and taking tons of vitamins. Though I do not see him often, it is because of this man I am here and am able to be a doctor and adopt Tedi and love my husband....At the risk of sounding cheesy, because two people fell in love, I exist. I just wanted to honor him with my words. Happy Birthday Grandpa!

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  1. what about my work ethic???? i think mine might be the best...been in college 7 years and still going strong...i am gonna beat you out. love you!!!