Thursday, March 25, 2010

(Borrowed) Fab FIVE

So I am stealing this from my frien Jenny (Patroling the Borders blog) who stole it from another friend. Every Friday they list five things that make their life better or just five favorite things... So though it is not Friday (I am seventy minutes away), I am going to post five things that have made my life better THIS WEEK. This is also a way to keep me distracted in the week of waiting for a court date, working like crazy, and finishing residency paperwork. Here it goes in no particular order...Thanks Jenny...

1. New Contacts.... I am that person who makes a box of six contacts per eye last for a whole year. In February, I was telling JT that my left eye was hurting. I took out the contact and I had apparently been wearing it with a huge tear.....AND it was my last one. So, this morning I ordered more contacts and should have them in a week. The lady was shocked that it was one day before my one year deadline...She obviously has never met me!

2. My "147 Million Orphans" Tee ( I bought this at the adoption conference in Louisville. It is for a fabulous cause, but more than that it is comfortable. I wear it at least three days per week under my scrubs...I can not spread the message with it under my scrubs but it is a remind of what we are doing and why! They are great shirts and I love mine. Check them out...the funds go for a great cause...

3. Easter SweetTarts.... Specifically the purple ones. I am biased. They have been my favorite for years. When I lived in the Caribbean, my mom would ship them to me. Angel, one of the physician assistants with whom I work, and I were discussing our love for this candy. Another girl and her boyfriend overheard us and bought somewhere between six and ten bags... We are pumped. Though I pick out all of the purple ones, I love them!

4. My Leather Journal.... this is the actual journal JT got for me in January after my last residency interview. Initially I was going to use it to write about the match and residency trail. However, since we got our referral for Tedi, I have used to write daily letters to him. I only have about 15-20 pages left in this one and will start looking for another one. JT did a great job and I love this book.

5. Clinique makeup.... I love makeup. I know it is vain and honestly, I have slowly given up my indulgence in makeup. However, for my birthday in February, my co-workers gave me a $100 gift card to Sephora, a store I fell in love with in NYC. They now have one in KY but I try to stay away because I know I will want to spend money that is better used to more appropriate causes...or things like student loans. HOWEVER, I went to use that gift card this past Saturday with my friend Jacqueline. She helped me pick out new Clinique foundation, powder, concealer, eyeliner and mascara. I am very pleased... It helped that there was a special.


  1. Natalie, this cracked me up!! I love the yellow sweet tarts, personally. However, I am in TOTAL agreement about Clinique makeup!! LOVE IT!! And knowing that there is a Sephora will come in handy for Carol's Daughter hair stuff for Tedi's hair. I realize that a lot of people keep their ET boys' hair cut very close, but they have great products for Arican hair! We LOVE them!! And you can only get them at Sephora, so there you go.. another reason to keep going in there :)

    I'm just so excited for you all. I"m praying regularly for Tedi and that you will get your court date very soon!

  2. Hey Natalie, Just letting you know I got my t-shirt today in the mail! I was so excited. Congrats on the Louisville placement. I have some good friend there and the husband is an Oncology resident. They are awesome people. If you need some fellow resident friends I would be happy to get you in contact. I think about you guys often knowing you are so close, yet at times so far away. We have our last homestudy meeting on April 8th and then hopefully we will be on our way soon!
    Excited for you guys!
    Liz Terrell