Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Cutest T-Shirt Models
My dear, dear friend Emily (who was the genius that came up with the ornament idea) has been so supportive of our adoption process. Emily's husband Jason is one of JT's closest friends and he was the minister that married us. Obviously, they are very close to our hearts and we covet our time with them. Their oldest daughter, Stella, may be the MOST excited person, other than us, about Tedi coming home . She tries to text Tedi in Ethiopia. She tries to make her mom buy him Jolly Ranchers.... Anyhow, Stella and her little sis, Vivian, had to have shirts. Unlike me and somewhat unlike her mother, Stella is dramatic and very "girly". So when her mom asked her to model her "Tedi T-Shirt", the below pictures evolved. Stella chose her little sister's hair piece and her own tights. I could not have asked for better models....much better than myself. (Check out the Fox's blog to the right "The Fox Sisters") We are placing our second order tomorrow or 145-150... that will put us close to 300 shirts, which is so amazing. Let us know if you want as we are going to continue to take orders.

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