Sunday, January 10, 2010

Home Study.......... check.

SO..... The home study is finished. Our social worker came to our place on Saturday mid morning. She asked lots of questions about plans on disciplining, how we met and our relationship, and toured our home. It feels great to have it done, especially after all my stress over it last week. Now, we wait again. The way it was explained it us....the social worker has about a week to write it, then the director has a week to review it, then the SW has a week to revise hopefully in three to four weeks, we will have the final copy. Once we have that, we can submit our dossier (aka... international paperwork) since we have that completed and ready to go. After the dossier is submitted, we can wait for our referral....meaning we can see the face of our child(ren). SO as for for now, more waiting, but we havc done we can do at this point. It is now in God's hands....not ours......thankfully.

Today after church we had the opportunity to have lunch and spend the afternoon with Mark and Lori Carter. They also got to our church and have adopted a little guy from China. It was nice to hear their story and learn from them. What a blessing they will be for us! We are working on a tee shirt design for our adoption and they want to help sell them to the youth at your church. To me, that is great because youth are always into "cool" t-shirts and that is what we are hoping to have!

Check out "Armstrong Adventures" blog to the right. They left today to go get their little boy, Dawit. Please keep them in your prayers... Have a great week!

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