Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in Pictures

I admit I did not take a ton of pictures in 2009 but I thought I would take a look back over this past year... This is not a detailed account of our year but a few pictures here and there.

January 2009:

JT and I on NYE with our friends Emily and Jason at the Russell Springs Bowling Alley...don't ask.

February 2009:

the month of my 26th birthday.... I took one part of my second board exam in Chicago so Valentine's Day was spend with our friends Lisa Foody and Jason Ryan in the Chicago snow.

JT and Robert Gibbs, Obama's White House Press Secretary in Banana Republic

JT and I on Valentine's Day at a Lincoln Park restaurant

March 2009:

I sent this month in Chattanooga, TN for school and we moved into our new apartment, pictured below

April 2009:

Not much went on in April other than studying for my boards; pictured below is me with my dog Asia, who now lives with my in laws

May 2009:

I spent the month studying and JT was supporting me.... thus, no pictures

June 2009:

I took my boards during this month, visiting with some of my old friends, and at my dad's family reunion...

Me with my friends Jacqueline at get to together with some friends

JT and I out in Louisville the night I passed my boards

Me with my dad's dad; he is 96 years old

July 2009:

We spent a long weekend with some good friends on my dad's houseboat
August 2009:
We celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary by attending one of my childhood friend's wedding in Indianapolis

September 2009:
We went to our friend's Gatlinburg cabin for a weekend; pictured below is me with Jacqueline and her dog, Caroline at the cabin

October 2009:
We went on a cruise with two other couples to Key West and Cozumel, celebrated Stella's (our friends' daughter) 4th birthday.
Me, JT, our friends Ashli on the right, Ryan in the back, and the piano bar singer on the cruise

JT and I on the cruise

Jacqueline and me outside of DASH, the Kardashian's store in Miami

My dear friend Emily and me with her girls, Stella dressed as Cinderella and baby Vivian

November 2009:
We officially began our adoption process, started selling Christmas ornaments, and I started interviewing for my pediatric residency. (pictured below: JT and I painting ornaments at Thanksgiving.)

December 2009:
Christmas, more ornament painting, more interviews and some basketball games...

JT with my sister's guitar headband on Christmas eve

Christmas with our alma mater gear on!!!!

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