Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Before You Were Mine

A few months ago Carissa Woodwyk, a adoptee who speaks on adoption from her perspective, asked for people to read and review her book that was coming out.  I agreed, thinking, "well, I have read most adoption books, and I have done a life book for Tedi...but what is there to lose?"  I was wrong.  It was such a humbling book.  Even with Chernet, where the details are sparse, it gave me tools to prepare something for him.

Here is the review I wrote for the book.  I encourage you to check it out.

"When I adopted our first son, I was guilty of saving every momento, picture, and piece of paper throughout the process for his "lifebook." It was not until he was home for over a year, in the middle of our second adoption, that I realized this was more than a scrapbook of our adoption. We were going to meet his birth mom and I wanted to tell the real story for him. I did my best but still felt something was missing
I finished "Before You Were Mine" and now feel equipped to do justice to both of my sons' stories, both the one overflowing with information and the one scarce and full of pain. Having heard Carissa Woodwyk speak previously, I instantly valued her opinion, but having that combined with Susan's personal experience as an adoptive mom gave a palpable and real look at the impact of lifebooks in both the adoptee and the adoptive parent's life. Moreover, they integrate the necessity of faith and Christ words into the lifebook in a way that both teaches and gives deeper meaning the child's journey. A must read for all adoptive parents."

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