Saturday, January 12, 2013

HIV Guest Speakers...

JT is the half this marriage that likes speaking....likes anything social.  I am cool to stand back and talk to those I know... However, he forces me out of my comfort zone.... Several months ago he spoke at Highview Baptist Church when they hosted their own orphan care and adoption seminar.  I was working that day, and honestly at the previous 3 he has been involved in.  Finally, next Saturday January 19th, I will be there, in the flesh, not just in pics (like below).

JT and I are leading the breakout session on HIV+ Adoptions in the upcoming seminar on 1/19/2013.... We would love you to come to the conference....if you are interested in adoption, foster care, or serving orphans and widows even if you are not at a place to adopt.  The other sessions include: International Adoption Travel, Transracial Adoption, Domestic Adoption, Healing a Child's Loss and Trauma, Financial and Adoption Processes, Dealing with Infertility, Caring for Orphans as a Family and Church, Local Orphan Care Options, Waiting Child Adoptions, Are You Ready to Adopt.

Check out for more info. We would love to see you there.

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